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Michael Kors Collection Harlow Large Shopper Handbag: He’s Still Got It

Michael Kors Collection Harlow Large Shopper Handbag

With MICHAEL Michael Kors becoming so ubiquitous (look around the mall or TSA line, and see how many you can spot), it has definitely chipped away at the luxury of the Michael Kors Collection. So be it, thinks Michael, as he checks the balance of his bank account. But I call it like I see it, and this is a great bag.

I recently helped my sister shop for something new, and this is what she ended up with. It has all the hallmarks of a long-term, investment-worthy buy, timeless and versatile – the gray is the cold concrete shade that works year-round, the convertible zippers add to the functionality, and the silhouette has just enough character to make a statement without wearing out its welcome. When you zip up the corners, you get a tall north-south shape, then with them undone, the corners flap down for a whole new look! And though I love the color as is, for a boost of luxury, the snake in shades of gray sets the heart on fire. Available at Michael Kors in watersnakeicon ($1,595) and tan leathericon ($995), and on Shopbop in gray leather ($995).

Michael Kors Collection Harlow Large Shopper Handbag



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  1. I agree. MMK is EVERYWHERE these days, but the Collection bags are out of this world! I love this version, and just saw a white Vivian Satchel with a chocolate suede lining… to die for!

  2. The problem with Michael Kors is that from a distance, one can’t really tell the difference between the Collection and the secondary lines. And with the MMKs being so ubiquitous, that can pose as an issue for luxury conscious buyers.

  3. First of all the leather is actually water snake and second I don’t find anything exceptional about it. It looks like a bigger version of Alexander McQueen’s manta clutch.
    Although I am a fan of his clothing (especially the fit) I have yet to find a Kors bag I actually like.