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NUWI: Drinkable Quinoa Snack


It’s hard to believe that a few years ago quinoa was an esoteric food item you could only find at a handful of health food stores. Now it’s pretty much mainstream and brands are coming up with innovative ways for us to enjoy the healthful benefits. Case in point, NUWI Quinoa Snack, an all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free drinkable quinoa snack. It’s a pretty unique find that’s made by blending organic quinoa with organic fruits and vegetables, organic low-glycemic agave nectar, and Himalayan pink salt (they come in a few flavor options: apple, strawberry, blueberry, and banana as well as in savory flavors like carrot & ginger and split peas and tomato).

I personally love quinoa and have no problem eating it, but NUWI is really more of a food than a drink. It’s got a kind of yogurt consistency and especially the savory flavors make for great veggie dips or on-the-go snacks (think of them as liquid food/drinkable soups). One thing to note is that these aren’t low in sugar. While one 283ml bottle has about 150-200 calories (again not so bad since NUWI has a thick consistency making it really more of a food product), some of the flavors have as much as 20g of sugar. Opt for the savory flavors which hover around 8-10g of sugar, are low in fat, while being high in protein and fiber.


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