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Opening Ceremony Denim Pants: There’s a Pattern Here

Opening Ceremony Denim Pants

It looks like my obsession with printed pants will get to run wild for yet another season! After a summer of perfectly pruned florals, I’m happy to see something a little rougher around the edges. This multicolored pattern feels like an art project (of a high order, of course), a photo painted over for effect. Yes, pants like these require a little more styling effort than plain old jeans, but they’re worth it! The secret is to go to extremes – pair them with either basic black, or on the other end of the spectrum, go all out with something vibrant like this draped Lanvin topicon (on Farfetch for $1,165). The fit of the jeans is skinny, though not cigarette-thin, so wearing them with a tailored top and high heels ensures your best silhouette. Roland Mouret’s snakeskin-printed slingbacks (on for $900) offer intrigue without overwhelming with color. Now all that’s left to choose is a bag! Which would you carry? Opening Ceremony denim pants on thecorner.comicon for $325.



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