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Celebrity Eyeliner Personalities: Find Your Liner Soulmate


If I had an eyeliner personality type, it would be called “roll out of bed and smear a gray line on my upper lids as evenly and thinly as possible.” If you’re thinking to yourself, “This girl should really branch out,” you’re right, and if you’re thinking “Crap, that sounds a lot like me,” allow me to shed light on some celebrities that kill the eyeliner (or, spoiler alert, lack thereof) game, and tell you how you can follow in their footsteps.

Cat Eye
Cat eyes are the perfect combination of sultry and classy. Women who rock this look, like Dita Von Teese, are confident and love to play up their sex appeal. Apply thin lines with very slight wingtips to make this your everyday look, or glam it up for night with thicker, more dramatic lines.

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Bright Color
Quirky, creative types like Dianna Agron who are sick of basic black, grey and brown options gravitate towards brightly colored liners. Women who wear neon liner aren’t afraid to stand out because they know that they can pull off any trend, no matter how wacky. When wearing neon liner, apply a clean line only on top and keep the rest of the face neutral to avoid looking clownish. Or to switch it up, try a neutral color on your top lids and go bright only on the bottom.

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Women who skip the eyeliner entirely tend to have “less is more” beauty philosphies. Shailene Woodley and others who prefer liner-less eyes are natural beauties who believe that inner health equates to outer beauty more than products slapped on faces. Pair bare eyes with loose, beachy waves for a complete flower-child look.

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Thick and Smudged
Messily-lined eyes are for women who want to achieve that “I woke up like this” look. Brits like Alexa Chung believe that an imperfect look is more appealing than perfectly clean makeup application, and discourage anything pageant-y. To achieve this look, use a thick pencil, which is easily smudged, and try grey for a less intense look than black.

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Women who get their lids tatted are brave, no-nonsense, busy women who prefer a few minutes of extreme pain to the inconvenience of a few extra minutes in the mirror each day. Many celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, are rumored to have gone through the process – how she maintains her incredibly busy life and always looks gorgeous at the same time would make a little more sense! If you are confident, decisive and care about your appearance but are too busy to waste time on daily application, permanent eye liner could be for you. Check out this Into the Gloss article for one writer’s experience and advice with the process.

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