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Frugal Snob: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Collection

Frugal Snob

The Body Shop always makes me nostalgic. I remember spending allowance money there growing up so I love that nearly two decades later they’re still alive and kicking! I will say their packaging could be a little swankier, but their new collection, Wild Argan Oil, smells so delicious I’m giving them a pass. The line includes body scrub, facial wipes, body cream, shower gel, hair oil and more and everything has this amazing clean, strong, but not too strong scent that works just as well for men as it does for women. The one thing I will single out however is the scrub, which is called “rough” but is actually mild. Because my muscles are always sore from working out I prefer a rough, thick scrub for my body so I ended up using this one more for my feet which tend to not need that thick of a scrub, but umm…could always use some pampering with a nice, clean, fresh scent! The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil collection available at The Body Shop.


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