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Maiyet x Barneys New York Eau de Parfum


A few weeks ago Barneys held a dinner, hosted by Maiyet co-founders Paul van Zyl and Kristy Caylor to fete their fragranceicon ($195), which is part of an exclusive series that Barneys has been doing with various designers (the last one was with Greg Laurenicon). Of course Barneys didn’t leave the duo dangling to figure out how to craft a fragrance on their own. They worked with master perfumer Ralf Schwieger. When the founders spoke they made it clear that the only reason they agreed to do this project is because it was an extension of their brand that stayed true to their social vision. All of the notes are a result of careful sourcing and sustainable practices – for example, the myrrh used was harvested in partnership with the Kustha Project, an organization working to empower the economic power of Namibia via fair trade and labor (a portion of sales is being donated to support the cause). The notes that went into this scent were literally sourced from all over the world – truly in keeping with the brand’s focus on artisanal skills from under-the-radar places.

It’s really hard to rip me from my Tom Ford White Suede, but I can appreciate any scent that has this much thought behind it (and especially in these time of world craziness – such a powerful social mission), and some aspects of the fragrance are very much in line with what attracts me to my favorite Tom Ford scent (sandalwood, vanilla…). I love spicy and woody notes! So sexy! The mix makes it an appropriate fall choice and there’s a good balance between the aforementioned notes and more feminine ones like jasmine, bergamot, and vanilla. I don’t anticipate any Maiyet fans being disappointing!


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  1. This perfume looks like it will smell amazing. 🙂 I just love wearing beautiful scents everyday. Thanks for reporting about the process used to make the perfume. It is incredible the initiatives they took for the Kustha project.

  2. I have spent most of my time looking for this Maiyet Perfume. Now will someone tell me where to buy it at PLEASE.
    I doesn’t have my own website. I noticed the website-
    Don’t save if you can’t tell me where to buy Mayet.