McQ Alexander McQueen YT Textured Leather Tote: Turning the Hardware on Its Head

McQ Alexander McQueen YT Textured Leather Tote

While it’s not at all unusual for brands to use hardware to identify their work, McQ does this with more than the average buckle or stud. The razor blade is the company signature, and here it’s been inverted so that the negative space in the center becomes the YT’s simple key-shaped accent. It’s subtle. Not the kind of hardware you would necessarily notice from across the room, but once you get a good look, you appreciate the clever design. That’s often the way the best bags affect us. Though some days have us craving flash and excess, a basic with just a touch of whimsy is the tote you’ll love for years to come. McQ Alexander McQueen bag available on NET-A-PORTERicon for $790.

Pair with: The buckles on Valentino’s red Hitch On pumps (on NET-A-PORTER for $1,145) will help bring out the gold on the YT tote, not to mention serve as a fiery contrast to a black bag.

McQ Alexander McQueen YT Textured Leather Tote



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