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Savelli Smartphones: Take the Call

Savelli Smartphones

If you were impressed with the fusion of fashion and tech in Tory Burch’s Fitbits, then Savelli is going to bowl you over. The recently established Geneva-based brand has brought together fine jewelry and tech to create the ultimate accessory – the first luxury smartphone for women! You may be familiar with Vertu, but that was crafted with men in mind, whereas Savelli phones are defined by feminine lines and decadent gemstones. While they may seem like indulgences (especially once I share the prices with you!), think about it – what one item do you use more than any other? Why not make that the most lavish accessory in your wardrobe?

Savellis support all global languages and have their own technology (Android), user interface, and even an app – the Jardin Secret concierge app. Their customer service is available via e-mail or 24/7 at +44 207 479 1340, the company has a customer focus approach. These features are not what drew me in initially, though. The handmade phones come in jewels and exotic skins so fine that the starter series (the blue jean ostrich above) is $9,300! After that, there’s the red and white croc with genuine rose gold trim at $21,000, and then we get to the Insane series…the black Insane in croc with eight carats of baguette diamonds is $140,000, and even that’s not the most luxe. At $180,000, the emerald Insane is lavished in emeralds and diamonds with rose gold trim. Insane is right!

U.S. customers can e-mail for details and delivery, while international readers may find Savelli at the following retailers:

* United Kingdom: Harrodsicon
* Italy: Pisa Orologeria (Milan), Trucchi (Rome and Capri), Cornali (Porto Cervo)
* France: Kronometry (Paris, St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco), Monsieur Marceau (Courchevel)
* Spain: Gomez y Molina (Marbella), Ellite (Alicante)
* Asia: Elegant (Hong Kong)

Savelli Smartphones



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