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Cocktail Spices & Beer Sauces


I had a party at my apartment last week so I figured it was the perfect occasion to try out Cocktail Spices & Beer Sauces from Addition. I love having things on hand for the early phases of a party when people are slowly starting to trickle in and these are the perfect conversation starters; plus they offer something useful and interactive to do when there aren’t all that many people in the room yet. Basically these “additions” are handcrafted liquid spices and herbs meant to be added to your cocktails (though they could easily be used to flavor water and they also have “sauces” meant to flavor beer). All you do is add a few drops to your drink and suddenly a simple vodka is so much more enjoyable. I have to admit I’m not much of a drinker and when I do drink it’s wine so I did little more than sniff at the various bottles and sip a few concoctions that my friends made, but they were a hit among all my guests. As much as people love a good simple straight up tequila, gin or vodka, they also love experimenting and customizing and because the ingredients were all carefully sourced these work perfectly with top shelf liquor. Ideally though this customizing would take place in a kitchen bigger than mine!


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