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Donna Karan New York Winged Jersey Bodysuit: Wonder Woman

Donna Karan New York Winged Jersey Bodysuit

This is Donna at her best. She started off with the bodysuit that changed everything, so it’s appropriate to see her updating the style years later. I loved the look so much I wore one almost everyday, but this is taking it to a new level! Forget the boring bodysuit you need to make that skirt work. Get in on the cape trend with delicate chiffon. It’s perfect for autumn, when you want a light layer separating you from the mild chill. The low neckline also gives you the opportunity to show off your favorite pendant necklace.

Pair it with a skirt for flowing, superhero style, or with sleek pants for a nice contrast that’ll let the chiffon cape enjoy the spotlight it deserves. Donna’s the true Wonder Woman here, but in this design, we can let our own inner Wonder Women reign! Donna Karan New York bodysuit available on Shopbop for $1,895.



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