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Fendi Launches New Scent: Fan di Fendi Blossom

Fendi Launches New Scent

Fendi just launched their latest fragrance, Fan di Fendi Blossom ($71-$86), at Milan Fashion Week where the models wore the cherry blossom-infused scent. I’m a sucker for cherry blossoms…my whole trip to Japan earlier this year was based around their cherry blossom season so I’m always down to spritz myself with something with sakura notes. This is a very delicate, fruity-floral perfume, not necessarily one I’d wear this time of year, but certainly something perfect for anyone jetting off to a resort locale. I’m used to wearing Tom Ford fragrances that are nothing if not potently strong, which is why this struck me all the more as very, very light. This is a great scent for someone who just wants a delicate perfume or for when it’s so hot that you can’t tolerate anything other than an airy fragrance. It might not be the most original, but it’s one of those that’s easy to gift and suitable for pretty much any social occasion given its non-aggressive nature.


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