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Should You Get Botox to Prevent Wrinkles?

Should You Get Botox to Prevent Wrinkles?

Frown lines, forehead furrows, and lines around the eyes are due to the repetitive folding of the skin from facial expressions. The more you move the muscles, the more quickly lines and wrinkles will form. Because of this, a common question I’m asked is, “Is it helpful for me to get botox injections to help prevent lines and wrinkles from forming or getting worse?”

My answer is yes and no.

Yes, if…

…you are someone who ‘talks with your face.’ People who are very expressive when they talk and are moving their face all over the place should consider botox injections; because by the time they are in their mid to late 30’s, when visible wrinkles are really starting to appear, they will look much older than others their age. Again, this is because of the wear and tear and breakdown of collagen and elasticity within the skin from continuous daily facial movements, the local business My Botox LA Med Spa can do it for you and you will get amazing results.

…you look at other people and friends and you have far more wrinkles and furrows than others your age. Not only could this indicate that you are a face talker but also certain people (due to their heritage) have bigger facial muscles in their skin naturally. The forehead is a perfect example of this. Generally, medium to darker skin tones (Latins, Hispanics, African Americans, and Europeans) will have stronger and larger muscles in their forehead whereas fair skin tones (Irish, Scandinavian, or Scottish) don’t have as much. When you have larger muscles in the forehead with continuous movement, you are essentially making those muscles stronger, allowing for deeper visible creases faster. The more you move the muscles, the more wrinkles will form.

No, if…

…you are in your 20’s and are starting to see fine lines appear around the eyes. Fine lines are much more superficial than wrinkles and don’t always respond well to Botox. In addition, fines lines are a fact of life and will start to show around the eyes usually between the ages of 28-30, so this is considered normal and it’s healthy to embrace them, not be terrified of them. I do recommend using a well-formulated eye cream like Renée Rouleau Vitamin C Eye Brightener or Total Eye Repair Cream to keep this delicate area nourished and protected.

…you are someone who thinks a flawless face is an entirely wrinkle-free face. A quest for absolutely no wrinkles can result in an unnatural (or scary or comical) appearance over time.

In summary, Botox can be effectively used as a preventative measure to reduce the muscular contraction and therefore slow down the wear and tear that leads to premature wrinkles. It will reduce wrinkles caused from muscular contraction, but does not prevent wrinkles present from sun damage. So wearing a sunscreen moisturizer daily is very important. Also, generally a person should get Botox when their wrinkles show AT REST. Not for ones that only show when making a particular facial expression, like smiling.

I do have mixed feelings about Botox, however. I think more and more people are seeing it as a viable anti-aging solution for their skin. But I believe people really miss the boat when it comes to beautiful, youthful-looking skin. I think beautiful skin is about having an even skin tone with the fewest blemishes, clogged pores, and smallest pore size possible, along with a smooth texture. NOT a skin completely free of all lines and wrinkles. Botox, while it will prevent and soften the appearance of wrinkles, it will not prevent crepey, wrinkled skin from sun damage. Having leathery, sun-damaged skin will not look any better with a frozen forehead, free of wrinkles.

Improving the appearance of the skin by focusing on its overall texture, brightness, and clarity is often overlooked. The way to achieve this is with long term use of a well-formulated product with Retinol, or a prescription retinoid, if the skin can tolerate it. For sensitive skin types, I highly recommend Renée Rouleau Advanced Resurfacing Serum, as well as regular professional chemical peels performed by a trusted and experienced esthetician and at-home peels. Using a Retinol product to resurface the skin is not immediate gratification like Botox is, but rather a long-term investment in truly changing the overall texture of your skin. Over time, the skin will look younger and smoother and will continue to do so throughout the years. In my opinion, I believe topical vitamin A is truly the fountain of youth and highly encourage you to use vitamin A on your skin in your evening routine. With continued use, you’ll love the new look of your skin.

Renée Rouleau is a skin care expert and celebrity esthetician who believes there’s more to skin than the one-size-fits-all approach. Her exclusive skin care line is based on nine unique skin types, rather than the standard – dry, normal, and oily. Her skin care products, Dallas skin care spas, and her LA and NY pop-up spas attract a celebrity clientele and loyal fans from around the globe. Visit for more information.


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  1. I agree that texture and clarity of the skin are the most important, but I use Botox (I am 34), only on my forehead, and the results are amazing.

  2. Thank you very much for this informative post. To be honest, I was hankering to know about ‘Botox’ after watching an Indian drama serial-‘Suhani Si Ek Ladki’ that showed some effects of this chemical. I researched about its positive as well as negative impacts and found some interesting facts! According to my knowledge, an alternative of Botox can prevent us from the dangerous results of it and it’s much better than the expensive products with the same quality. My aunt bought this Botox Alternative serum at only $16.95 from here: 🙂

  3. Botox cured my gummy smile. After removing my braces I had about 1/2″ o gummy smile then a friend referred me to Dr Chasin at Reflections Center NJ. HE IS AMAZING and very conservative. I get my eyes, forehead and gummy smile fixed once a year and I love the results. Plus the forehead injections cured my headaches. Amazing