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L’Occitane Fall 2014 Collections

L'Occitane Fall 2014 Collections

If I had to pick one brand to use exclusively for the rest of my life it might very well be L’Occitane. It’s among the few brands I turn to every time my skin goes a little nuts with the change of the seasons or I have an unexpected breakout because I can count on their products to get the job done without aggravating my skin. It’s also nice that they’re always adding to their offerings – especially since so much of my job is trying and writing about new products! If you head to their stores now you’ll find a number of new things that just hit. Aromachologie Relaxing & Revitalizing Body Collection¬†includes body oil ($34), body scrub ($36), bath salts ($24), and shower gels ($20). This fast absorbing lotion is a standout. As I get older my skin is getting increasingly more parched – so much so that I went to see a dermatologist. Just any old body lotion won’t necessarily give my skin the moisture it needs. This one I know does the trick because my elbow area is no longer coarse.

Also worth a shout-out are their new additions to Bonne Mere: liquid soap ($20) and stackable shower gels ($14) in five scents – peach, honey, lemon, rosemary & olive. These have stocking stuffer or housewarming gift written all over them. Their cult fave Immortelle Precious Cream has also re-launched and now comes with a higher concentration of active molecules. These are just a few of the many new products in stores now so head over this time of year. We really, really need to giving our skin some love as we transition into the cooler weather. Stock up on these hydrating facial and body products and don’t forget to dig up your humidifier!


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  1. I have oily/combo skin. When I brake out I get cystic acne. It was really bad a year ago when I turned 30, so I started the Obagi Clenziderm System. It has worked wonders but it’s expensive & sometimes I feel like it does not work. My skin has dried out really bad due 2 the weather & the products because they are harsh products but I still get the occasional brake out. It dries out my skin, the cystic acne pimples have popped but I’m left with a severe dry patches & I have tried everything under the sun 2 try 2 get the dry patches 2 go away. Do u have any suggestions on anything that will help the dryness that won’t colg my pores & cause brakeouts?