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Moynat x Pharrell Williams: The Railroad Tycoon

Moynat x Pharrell Williams

With Commes des Garçons, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Uniqlo collaborations under his belt, Pharrell Williams is certainly no stranger to fashion, but there’s something about a modern icon teaming up with a traditional brand like Moynat that has me excited. While visiting the French atelier last October, he came across vintage trunks and an old Moynat label featuring a train, and from there, the capsule collection’s theme was born.

From handcrafted resin clutches in the shape of locomotives to leather pouches and silk scarves decorated with railroad cars (sorry, no oversized conductor hats!), the pieces were designed to appeal to your “inner child.” And it’s true, one look at these bags and you’re feeling like a kid again (albeit a very chic one). The prices are far from child’s play, though. It’s $4,105 for the wooden clutch and a hefty $12,830 for the resin, but just as some collect special train sets, we collect bags and in that respect, these are more than worthy of motoring their way into your closet. To be available exclusively at Colette on October 13th, at Moynat boutiques on October 20th, and at Dover Street Market later on this year.

Moynat x Pharrell Williams

Moynat x Pharrell Williams

Moynat x Pharrell WilliamsScarves



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