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Superseedz: Why You Need Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds


Someone told me the other day that I’m “so lucky” because I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Um, no. Actually being in shape has very little to do with luck and certainly nothing to do with eating whatever it is that you want. I work out every day and try to eat as healthfully as possible. While I swear by my workouts for my mental sanity, it’s a struggle not to make every day a cheat day when it comes to my diet which is why I’m always looking for healthy snacks.

Superseedz is an AMAZING new discovery. They’re gourmet pumpkin seeds that come in a range of sweet and savory flavors (cinnamon and sugar is my fave, but really they’re all great, except for the spicy ones because my taste buds can’t handle spicy anything aside from wasabi). Gourmet pumpkin seeds…what does that even mean? I was skeptical myself as Trader Joe’s happens to make fantastic nuts and seeds – plain, simple, inexpensive – but these really are better. They not only taste more flavorful (even the plain), but they look different. They’re smaller and thicker than what I’m used to seeing. More surprisingly still, some of the varieties have better nutritional profiles than non-seasoned regular pumpkin seeds from other brands! The key is that unlike most brands that take something healthy like seeds or nuts and flavor them, Superseedz doesn’t overdose on sugar and salt – they stick to a few high-quality ingredients so you get back a lot of flavor without adding too much sugar, sodium, fat, and calories.

While the calories in seeds are never low and saturated fat is on the high side for most seeds as well, 170 calories from these is not the same as a 170 calories from potato chips. These seeds are fueling your body with protein, fiber, fat and nutrients that it can efficiently use, and they’re a great addition to any diet.


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