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Top 5 Wedge Pumps: Living on the Wedge

Top 5 Wedge Pumps

The sensible wedge gets a stylish update for fall. Sure, these aren’t all that attention-grabbing, but they’re flattering, easy for any occasion, and best of all, incredibly comfortable. As in, house slippers comfortable. As much as I’d love to wear my most seductive stiletto from sunup to sundown, it’s just not feasible. Sometimes even walking from car to bar can be a struggle in the wrong (but oh-so-right) heel. By eliminating that teetering and wobbling, your feet can relax. And it’s not even just about the feet. When you feel stable, your whole body is stress-free, letting you jet from meeting to meeting (or Barneys to Bergdorfs if you’re lucky!) without worry. Having a sense of security and effortlessness gives you a feeling of sexiness that no stiletto can compete with.

Alexander McQueen Embellished Wedge Pumpicon (on Farfetch for $876.58)

Tory Burch Astoria Wedge Pumps (on Shopbop for $275)

Salvatore Ferragamo Fiamma Suede Wedge Pumpsicon (at Saks Fifth Avenue for $695)

Lanvin Wedge Pumpsicon (on Farfetch for $474.23)

Walter Steiger Suede High-Vamp Curved-Heel Wedge Pumpicon (at Neiman Marcus for $382, from $850)



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