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WELCOMECOMPANIONS x Miranda July Bag: The Bag with an Almond Pocket

 Welcome Companions x Miranda July Bag

Looks-wise from the outside, this bag isn’t anything special and the red “cow print” and rather cheap looking strap aren’t something I would jump to get my hands on, but once you open up this bag, wow!! It’s pretty awesome. Created by artist, writer, and filmmaker Miranda July and accessories brand WELCOMECOMPANIONS, only 100 of them were made and are exclusively available at Opening Ceremony stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo as well as online. Each bag comes complete with all the contents you see above including a never released recording of Miranda July reading an unpublished story, an almond in a specially designed pocket (in case your blood sugar is running low, according to July), bobby pins, a hidden pocket with a $20 bill, a bottle of Calms Forte homeopathic sleep aid, a piece of Miranda’s security blanket, and a set of Miranda July’s Multi-Purpose cards (example card: “Let’s be honest, the conversation we are having right now is not that interesting for either of us. I suggest we shakes hands and go find other people to talk to.” and “On a scale of one to 10, how angry are you at me right now?”). Unfortunately while this bag is undeniably unique – and I’m dying for it – it costs $1,500 and there is absolutely no way I could ever justify spending that much on this bag, especially since there isn’t much room for many of the miscellaneous goods I always carry around with me because – well – my random handbag tchotchkes don’t usually include sleep aids and almonds. Would you ever buy this bag? How much do you think is a fair price? I would pay $300 for a bag like this; clearly it doesn’t look like an expensive or particularly well crafted bag, but a lot of thought went into it and it is original…that is not worth more than $300 in my book, though!

 Welcome Companions x Miranda July Bag


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