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Artis Makeup Brushes: A True Brush Innovation

elite mirror 10 brush animation

Artis makeup brushes are true game chargers. They’re gorgeous, mirrored brushes with dense, lush, synthetic bristles designed specifically to resist wear, and these also have ergonomic handles; they kind of look like luxurious takes on toothbrushes. There are 10 in the collection that can be bought together for $275 or separately. All of the brushes are lightweight and very, very densely packed (the Oval 10, for example, has over 250,000 fibers), which makes application quick and effective because product isn’t getting lost on loose, hanging fibers. The shapes are designed to match the contours of the face (liner or oval, for example), and they glide easily across the skin. This is very different from how conventional makeup brushes work. Usually if you apply makeup on a brush and try to glide it on your skin, it will deposit the makeup on the area where you first make contact and then do nothing, meaning you end up having to constantly lift and lower your brush. This is not the case with Artis. They also have convenient cleaning pads so there’s no excuse for being lazy about cleaning brushes, something I am always guilty of.


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