Find the Supplements You Need – Minus the Confusion and Headaches – with WellPath


I’m perpetually on the fence when it comes to supplements. For the most part there is no danger in taking them so there isn’t much to lose if you’re having trouble getting everything you need from food, but some research has shown there isn’t much to gain especially because most brands have questionable ingredients, our bodies don’t necessarily absorb the supplements (we mostly pee them out), and many of us take them the wrong way (i.e. with food vs without; some vitamins need other ones to be properly absorbed, etc). It seems that Colin Darretta, the founder of WellPath, felt the same way. He was overwhelmed by all the contradicting information out there and the number of brands with questionable reputations (price is def not an indicator for quality), so he set out to change things himself. WellPath delivers customized protein powder and vitamin supplements; they are all made to order and each pack comes printed with your name and date. So unlike all these other brands that make you answer a bunch of questions and then send you supplements from pre-determined categories, here everything is unique to you. Ingredients are non-GMO and organic when possible and there are detailed nutrition facts with everything you order (on their website, they also talk about how they carefully source everything extensively). As an added bonus the packaging is awesome (who ever says that about supplements?!) and is as appealing for men as it is for women, plus there is the option of obtaining a supplement with bergamot cholesterol support.

No matter what you answer in your questionnaire you’ll get a multivitamin, a fish oil, and a probiotic. You can opt for monthly delivery ($64.95 for the powder, $49.95 for the pills) or a one-time delivery ($79.95 for the powder and $64.95 for the pills). You’ll get about 10 vitamins which for me is a lot! But I have a lot of friends – mostly male – who have been doing this for years pretty much blindly. This is a great way to put more reasoning, without added effort, into all the supplements you’re taking.


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