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Ovando Launches Candles

Ovando Launches Candles

There are no flowers like Ovando flowers – NONE!!! Their flower arrangements are nothing short of pieces of art (they’re go-tos for countless luxury brands like Hermès), and I don’t care what I have to do but if I ever get married I am hiring them to design the centerpieces! The brand just launched a range of candles and to celebrate the new launch they hosted some bloggers at their NYC headquarters for a flower class (if you’re interested you can sign up for one here). So, so, so awesome! I already know what I’m getting my mother for her birthday…the flower classes are a fun, unique activity and they def solidified my appreciation for the art of flower arranging (trust me…it’s even harder than it looks to put together one of Ovando’s exquisite arrangements). You get to take home your bouquet, which they guide you step-by-step in putting together, and even though mine would probably horrify someone who worked at Ovando given what meticulous perfectionists they are, everyone who subsequently saw mine in my apartment was in awe of how beautiful it was (see below).


Of course Ovando only uses the best of the best when it comes to their flowers so it came as little surprise that their candles are not only beautifully packaged and undeniably luxe, but understated. The candles also smell very, very strong (the Tom Ford fragrances of candles!), and I found that the scent lingers even after I blow out the candle. Aside from the fact that they smell potently delightful, another reason they remind me of Tom Ford is that all of their scents are unique and totally appealing; they could easily work for men or women and are perfect for hostess or holiday gifts. Everything Ovando does just feels special. Check-out the collection here.  The candle above is from the Recuerdos de Mexico Collection. A sophmore collection, Souvenirs de Paris, will be launching next month on their site and is now at Barneys.



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