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Snob Essentials Mini Treasure Tote: Tiny Treasures

Snob Essentials Mini Treasure Tote

I love the holidays as much as everyone else does, but each year, without fail, I encounter the same dilemma. Do I carry beautiful clutches to parties, and spend the evenings awkwardly balancing drinks and appetizers? Or do I sling on less festive, more functional shoulder bags? With the detachable strap on this new mini Treasure, the issue is chicly resolved!

The cuter, smaller sister to our original tote gets me a lot of compliments, and you can only imagine the pride I feel when I tell admirers that it’s my own design. This is more than just eye candy, though. My mom and aunts only carry small bags because they’re lightweight, and that appeal is universal, whether you’re eight or 80. The only thing you have to question is which color to get. Croc-embossed pink and turquoise give the precious shape an even more adorable feel, while black and pale desert play up the sophisticated silhouette with equally sophisticated hues. My suggestion? Get one color, buy the others as holiday gifts for your girlfriends, and switch off whenever your moods change. Yes, it’s a little selfish, but they’ll love these so much, they won’t mind that you had ulterior motives! On for $68 in lizard and croc-embossing.



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  1. I love mini bags more than anything. They’re the perfect weight, and you can only take what you absolutely need. I would be more than lost without mine!!