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My Theresa Holiday Gift Guide: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My Theresa Holiday Gift Guide

Maybe it’s because today is Friday, or maybe it’s because My Theresa has such great pieces right now (and free shipping worldwide from Nov. 18-24, excluding DE, AT, UK, CH, IT, FR, and NL), but I’m feeling the spirit of holiday gift-giving already and I’ve pulled together a list of presents any Snob would be happy to receive!

Saint Laurent Monogram Cuff Bracelet ($795):icon For all those YSL lovers out there who cursed Hedi Slimane when he switched things up, this will pay homage to the old logo they love.

Balenciaga Maillon Patent Leather Bracelet ($305):icon Crystals and sequins not the way she wants to indulge in holiday metallics? This cuff will get the job done, bringing a rock ‘n’ roll vibe into her everyday life.

Tomas Maier Cotton Canvas Tote ($459):icon No matter how many pretty little things I add to my bag collection, totes like this always sit at the front of my closet for those days when your life needs to travel with you.

UGG Australia Classic Shearling Wired Ear Muffs ($141):icon If your ears aren’t warm, you’ve already lost the battle, no matter how bulked up you are in coats and warm pants. These are perfect for the friend who’s always complaining about being cold A. because she won’t be cold anymore and B. because you won’t have to hear about her being cold. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Hunter Original Moustache Cape ($205):icon This on-trend, waterproof cape is so cute she’ll want to wear it even when it’s not raining.



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  1. The best piece here I would say is the Hunter cape. It is unique, elegant, and practical and would really make a statement with whatever occasion you are going to. I’m not inspired by the Tote though- It reminds me too much of an elementary school teachers bag!! (Sorry!) However the other accessories are fabulous. Thanks!