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Valentina Home Brewed Pure Body Care

Valentina Home Brewed Pure Body Care

I’ve never been all that into potions, spells or tarot cards..maybe more out of fear than disbelief. Sure I read my Susan Miller horoscope, but I’ve never actually had my cards read or mixed up a love spell. Valentina, however, was started by woman with a long fascination with these spells (good witch spells, of course!). In high school she would make homemade love potions for her friends and read tarot cards. After years dabbling in them, she noticed that many of the herbs and plants used in old cures were also used in the pharmaceutical industry, while the beauty industry focused more on ones that were meant for youth. So, as she says, “the herbs whose vibrations have been used to right imbalances in other areas of our lives have been ignored,” and she sought to change that with Valentina Home Brewed Pure Body Care. The brand is split up into various themed collections (“habit breaker,” “prosperity,” etc.), and all of the bath and body products are made from organic and wildcrafted herbs and flowers. I used a few products from the True Love collection and while I can’t say it has worked any magic in my personal life, I love the scrub. It’s harsh so if you’re like me and have sore muscles and feet, it’s perfect. Each collection also has bath salts, mist, oil, wash and more. It’s a cute line with carefully sourced ingredients – worth looking into whether or not you believe in potions!


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  1. should clarify – Valentinas’s Home-Brewed Protection Hydrating Body and Massage oil – where can I get it. I have used up what I have and would like to replace it. I love it!