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All I Want for Christmas is…A Frosted Cherry & Clove Deluxe Candle

All I Want for Christmas is...A Frosted Cherry & Clove Deluxe Candle

Seriously, can I please get one of these Jo Malone Frosted Cherry & Clove Deluxe Candles ($195)?? I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but for this…I could make an exception! I stopped by one of Jo Malone’s boutiques the other day and fell in love with the scent. It’s holiday, but not in a cheesy way and while it isn’t the strongest scent, it’s strong enough that I could see it enveloping a room without overpowering it. It’s got clove and cinnamon which is why I could see this being perfect for a kitchen (especially if you don’t have windows in yours). Size-wise the Deluxe candle is three times the size of Jo Malone’s $65 candles so it equates to about the same in terms of price for burn time/gram, but it just looks so much more luxurious to have one big candle versus multiple smaller ones. Also note if you are looking to do some holiday shopping Jo Malone always packages everything beautifully in boxes with ribbons and they even have greeting cards, all of which are free. Check-out more of their gift ideas here.


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