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5 Tips for Ushering in a Happy New Year


New York-based life and recovery coach (and former model) Natasha Silver Bell works with clients on a daily basis to help them lead more fulfilling lives, so, because the New Year can be filled with anxiety, we turned to her for her top five tips for ushering in a happy new year. Here’s what she shared with us!

1.) Awareness, as in “Heightening Your Awareness”
If there are situations in your life that make you feel uncomfortable, and you would like to make them better, start to pay attention to who is around you and how they make you feel. Pay attention to those feelings and make note of them. This is how you start sharpening your senses and beginning to trust your instincts.

2.) Perspective
If you find yourself struggling in a relationship, whether it’s professional or personal, and you want it to have a positive outcome then you may want to try looking at it from the other person’s perspective. You might be very surprised how you feel by looking at something from another angle.

3.) Time for Some Action
List the top three things you’ve been meaning to do. Write them on three separate post-its and put them on your bathroom vanity mirror (if possible) or places that will trigger you to pay attention to them. If these things have been coming up in your psyche it means it’s time to start taking the steps to take action. You can visit if you need life coaching to help you set effective goals to meet your ambitions.

4.) Acceptance
Whatever issue you’re struggling with is not going to be resolved by struggling more. Accept that everything is just as it’s supposed to be right now and it will feel like a weight is lifted from your shoulders.

5.) Gratitude
Gratitude is defined as, “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Now for this year, have you ever tried being grateful for what you don’t have? Try switching it up and see what happens. It may change your thinking before you even realize it.


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  1. Dont you think if you are struggling with an addition you should address it and not accept that you are where you are supposed to be?