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Game-Changing Sports Bra

I’m pretty obsessed with Barry’s Bootcamp, a boutique studio where you alternate running with body weight and resistance training. When you run, you run facing a mirror, and I almost always run in a Nike sports bra. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but there’s something empowering about seeing that Nike swoosh as I sprint. I have to say however, as much as I love their sports bras for their aesthetic and for the mindset they reflect, quality-wise they really aren’t that great especially when you factor in the price, which is why I stay curious when it comes to trying out other options. I also do a lot of yoga and rarely opt for Nike for my hot power classes. With that said, I recently tried out Le Mystere’s first and only sports bra ($62). It’s the lingerie brand’s first foray into the workout-wear category, and they’ve done an impressive job.

First off, you can pick your exact bra size – no S, M, L. Each bra is fitted exactly to you whether you’re a 32A or a 40G. Next it comes up higher than most sports bras that I’ve tried. This isn’t an issue for me because I’m pretty small-chested, but if you’re a C or above and have found your boobs flying all over the place when you run, do mountain climbers or are upside down in a yoga class, you’ll want to check this one out. It’s also double cushioned, and everything is very rigid so the fabric really sticks to your body. With my Nike bra I also often notice that my nipples end up showing when the bra gets really sweaty, but not so with this one. It also holds up better to washing (i.e. no stretch). All that said, the overall aesthetic and high impact stabilization you get with this bra make it best-suited, in my opinion, for those with bigger chests. You don’t need this much “security” if you’re a 32A, but then again, assuming you’re not as attached to that Nike swoosh, it can’t hurt…especially if you’re like me and sick of risking seeing your nipples just because you’re sweating!


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