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Lanvin Sugar Medium Brocade Shoulder Bag: Wear Long and Prosper

Lanvin Sugar Medium Brocade Shoulder Bag

Decadence abounds on this bag! But don’t be fooled by the gleaming brocade fabric. Lanvin has a quirky sense of humor, and it’s actually in full effect. They also might have a mysterious new mascot. This obviously Asian, empress-worthy motif blends a traditional pattern with a creature of the house’s own creation, a silly, Dr. Seuss-esque animal that’s quite strange once you start to study it.

It’s always nice to see brands avoiding getting too serious about things. Fashion should be fun and a little frivolous, and the injection of something novel on an otherwise rich (and also pretty practical) shoulder bag is refreshing. And this isn’t the only bag of this breed. We’re seeing a lot of zealous and lighthearted embellishments as of late, and to me, that’s always a good sign of a prosperous economy! Lanvin Sugar bag available for pre-order at Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $2,345.

Pair with: Show a little shoulder while you’re at it. The origami-inspired folds and neutral matte texture of J.W. Anderson’s wool and twill halter top complement the luxe sheen of the accessory. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $540.

Lanvin Sugar Medium Brocade Shoulder Bag



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