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Mary Katrantzou M, A, R, and Y Clutches: Love Letters

Mary Katrantzou M, A, R, and Y Clutches

Mary Katrantzou strikes us once again with the immediate visual impact of her work. In the case of her latest clutches, it’s all about symbols. Don’t expect such a visionary designer to toy with initials and logos in a run-of-the-mill way. She might be injecting the letters of her first name into her designs, but she’s doing it with maximum imaginativeness.

My favorite of the four has the distinct shape of the letter A, for an effect that’s immediate and intriguing. A classic tortoiseshell print on acrylic is almost too mundane for the queen of print, but absorbed as a whole, it still holds the same impact of what I love about her: the seamless integration and rousing juxtaposition of concepts, colors, and shapes.

The Perpex Y clutch is so ingenious. The composition of colors makes it (I enjoy navy paired with lime, always), and the wood effect adds a timeless feel. The python M is the most obvious, but it’s still pretty cute – especially if your own name starts with the letter! – and while the snake-effect and marble-paneled R is my least favorite, it still shows brilliance in design.

M python clutch, $2,364, on A metal-trimmed acrylic clutchicon, $3,330; R leather and acrylic clutch, $3,790; and Y color-block Perspex clutch, $3,330, all available on NET-A-PORTER.



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