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Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub: Aromatherapy Session

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

Feeling like going to the spa but not willing to foot the bill? Have your own treatment at home with Aesop’s geranium leaf body scrub! The aromatherapy will leave your shower smelling heavenly and your body feeling renewed. I love their products, all crafted with scents that are never artificial and quality ingredients that are more like the kind you’d get from a sage healer than the chemicals you get in so many drugstore products.

Geranium is a universal fragrance, meaning it appeals to both women and men. Leave this scrub in the bathroom, and encourage your guy to use it! I also got the accompanying body cleansericon (at Barneys New York for $45), but it’s the scrub that has me ready to shout praises from the rooftop. Forget scratchy beads. A blend of pumice and softer bamboo offers just the right amount of exfoliation. Similar products often make it seem as if I’m taking off the whole top layer of my skin. Even the ones that feel satisfying can be harmful, and remember, skin is our largest organ! It requires special care. This allows for that, and in spite of the price, it will last you. The thick gel consistency goes a long way. It won’t just wash off, forcing you to keep applying more. I use two dollops the size of quarters, and my entire body is exfoliated (and I have a lot of surface!).

Our skin sloughs off dead cells on its own, but when when buildup does occur, our lymphatic system and natural detoxifying processes slow down. A weekly scrub is just what skin needs to stay in shape. I love this one so much I’ve been wanting to use it daily, but I guess I’ll curb myself and wait for the end of the week! Aesop geranium leaf body scrub available at Barneys New Yorkicon for $35.



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