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How to Find the Perfect Perfume for Your Style

How to Find the Perfect Perfume for Your Style

Jan Moran, author of the new book Scent of Triumph, is a recognized expert in the world of fragrance and perfume. She’s been featured in countless glossies; has spoken before Fashion Group International, The Fragrance Foundation, and The American Society of Perfumers; and she created Scentsa, a touch-screen program for fragrance and skincare, for Sephora stores in various countries around the world. Who better to turn to get the lowdown on how to shop for fragrances?

“Most stylish women know to accent their look with a complementary scent, but has the perfect perfume eluded you? Or, are you yearning for change in your current fragrance?” asks Moran. Here’s how to find the perfect fragrance for any style, any time.

What’s Your Image?
* Casual Weekend: Opt for fresh, light floral and fruity scents for sunny spring weekends. Need cool weather wear? Add warmth with spicy, woody notes, such as vanilla or sandalwood. Perennial favorites include peach, fig, citrus, soft rose, and white flowers.
* Sensual Date Night: When you slither into something sexy, be sure your perfume matches your mood. Look for voluptuous flowers such as tuberose and jasmine, and caress-able fragrances with sandalwood, patchouli, spices, and musk. Vintage perfumes create a sense of nostalgia for candlelit dinners and midnight amour.
* All Business: Let your brilliance shine with fresh fragrances that won’t overpower your message. Consider zesty lemon and bergamot, sea-fresh marine scents, and subtle floral bouquets. For a special bonus, citrus scents are known to increase mental efficiency, while mint is valued for heightening alertness and cognitive abilities.

Shop with Success
1. Decide what image you wish to project and the fragrance family you like (fresh, floral, spicy, woody).
2. Test fragrances on paper blotter strips to focus your choices.
3. Sample a small number (about four or five) on your skin.
4. Wait for fragrance to develop on your skin (ten to fifteen minutes).
5. Consider the use and season. Choose light scents for daytime and warm weather. Select rich scents for evening, winter, and special occasion.


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