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Freeze-Dried Fruit: The Healthy Snack You’re Probably Not Eating

Freeze-Dried Fruit

If you came to my apartment you might think I’m on the Jerry Seinfeld diet…so much cereal!!! I seriously could eat half a box without a problem, all the while the fruits and veggies I’ve been ambitiously buying are going to waste in my fridge. There is zero replacement for fruits and veggies in most people’s diets, but there are some days I just can’t muster up the desire to eat any, which is why I love Fruttata. The crispy snacks are created via freeze drying various fruits (they remove the moisture from the fruit through a dryer at -40°F). Nothing is added; it’s literally just the fruit, but because of the freeze drying it has a crispy and crunchy texture that makes it taste more like a sweet chip. A bag has 35 calories (with the exception of the bananas which have a bit more) with no sugar added, and they’re designed to retain the highest level of nutrients possible. They offer apple, pineapple, banana and tropical mix. It might not be as healthy as eating a whole fresh fruit, but it’s way healthier than eating dried fruit, which in most cases isn’t much better than candy and often has sugar added. For anyone with kids, I’ve seen tots go crazy over this, and as long as you don’t tell them it’s healthy I’d bet they’d go for it as a fruit roll-up replacement!


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