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Marni File Colorblock Leather Clutch: Sense of Direction

Marni File Colorblock Leather Clutch

Here’s a prime example of the Marni conundrum: this oversized leather clutch that hangs over the shoulder is very directional – and that’s part of the appeal – but it’s almost too much so. While the shape is great and the Mondrian-inspired colorblocked motif is fun and eye-catching, the palette and print are too overtly specific. (There’s a more muted version, but it still doesn’t allow for daily wear.)

As far as functionality goes, I love it. This is a nice mid-sized bag that makes sense to carry as a clutch once you remove the strap. It opens up wide, thanks to a gathered gusset, so you get a slim silhouette that allows for full holding capacity and ease of access. The push-lock closure is delicate and refined, but it’s also a bit troublesome to open and close, though not tough enough to be a deal-breaker. What is a deal-breaker, though, at least for me, is the restrictive color palette. I’m waiting for it to appear in a bright solid color (it already comes in mustard and hunter green, but I’m thinking fuchsia) for me to commit. Marni File on NET-A-PORTERicon for $1,660.

Pair with: Play with more squared-off shapes while daring to bare your legs, and wear it with Mason by Michelle Mason’s cutout mini-skirt in navy pinstripes. On Shopbop for $299.

Marni File Colorblock Leather Clutch



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