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Valentino’s Limited Edition Uomo Edition Noire

I’ve been eyeing a studded crossbody Valentino bag for a solid three years now. Every time I’m looking to splurge I go to the Valentino store to scope it out. In fact, just recently I was in Munich and even though the low euro/high dollar would make the bag more affordable than ever, I just couldn’t pull the trigger! I try not to fall into fads and trends, and even though the studded Valentino has proven itself to last despite its fast rise in popularity, I still fear it will go the way of the Dior saddle bag sometime in the near future. That’s where small splurges come in. Check out, for example, Valentino Uomo Edition Noire eau de toilette (at Nordstrom for $95). Stud-inspired, this scent is actually for men, but I’m obsessed! Not only with the bottle, but also with the scent. If you can stop yourself from immediately coveting this matte black bottle for your vanity, I’m jealous of your self control. I loved the bottle so much that instead of giving it to my father, I ended up keeping it for myself. The scent is sexy, oriental with a little spice. It’s def a manly scent with notes of bergamot, myrtle, cedar, leather, chocolate, and roasted coffee beans, so while I haven’t gone out with it spritzed on my body, I love smelling it and seeing it on my desk! Though the crossbody Valentino is still on my mind…


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