A Mother’s Love: The Guide to Meaningful and Wearable Gifts You’ll Want to Borrow

A Mother's Love

The Amulette de Cartier is a classic introduced to me by my sister. Always the best-dressed Hagen sister, she would match her Lip Smacker to her outfit while I was matching my soccer shorts to, well, nothing. I have since grown out of that phase but I now find her attention to details as something to study as opposed to mock. Take a cue from someone who is always ahead of the crowd and show your love with a Carnelian or Mother of Pearl version, a lovely addition to any long-term jewelry collection. Carnelian, $2,080, and Mother of Pearl $4,150, at Cartier.

A Mother's Love

This 20th-Century Tiffany’s piece is available on 1stdibs. At ¾ of an inch long, it is subtle but still communicates a strong message. Rubies and Diamonds create a checkerboard pattern in an 18k gold setting, hammering home the message that a mother’s love can sometimes be similar to chess. Never underestimate the power of the Queen. On 1stdibs for 5,500.

A Mother's Love

Another bold statement to consider would be the mother of all Jennifer Fisher Bracelets. A bold bangle in yellow, white or pink gold and emblazoned with Momma in Diamonds would be a surefire way to ensure you are mom’s favorite, and everyone knows it. At Jennifer Fisher for $5,300.


With a solid 70’s vibe, this Hornbeam wood and Gold Plated necklace will harken back to a classic Lauren Hutton. Aurelie Bidermann’s Connie Island Necklace is perfect for the Island-bound summer trippers and the back yard sweet-tea-drinking, stay-cation types. This will be one you’ll borrow soon, and borrow often. At Aurelie Bidermann for 1,080 €.

A Mother' Love

When your Mom is the lady that has everything (Watch? She has a person for that. Manolos? She has him on speed dial.), this is the only thing that will cut it. Then again, if she has a Tiara, I am suddenly up for adoption. This “Important Edwardian Diamond Tiara” from around 1910 can be converted into a necklace, for when her dainty neck muscles can’t hold the heft of her bountiful gift. Face it, your mother is a modern day queen. Stop resisting. On 1st dips for $1,080.

Julia Hagen is currently a student at the Gemological Institute of America. Her love for jewelry started with a red bead bracelet she received as a birthday gift from her grandfather around the age of five. Other healthy addictions include shoes, Crossfit, photography and researching jewelry arts.


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