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Is Gazpacho the New Juice? Kind of…

Is Gazpacho the New Juice

We’ve had juice cleanses, we’ve had soup cleanses…is a gazpacho cleanse up next? Not exactly. While Tio, a new brand of savory, chilled organic soups, is meant to be enjoyed straight out of the bottle, its various flavors are not designed as any sort of cleanse…and thank God for that!! Can we please stop this absurd cleansing trend. If you’ve done a cleanse which has ended with mood swings and binge eating, you’re one of the few. Instead Tio’s gazpachos are meant to refresh and wake up your taste buds with their flavorful blends. It’s weird but even in places like Tel Aviv, Miami, L.A. etc. where it’s warm most of the year, cold soups are not all that common. That might be changing with Tio however because the brand has made it an easy snack to have on-the-go; it packs the same vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you’d find in juices, but they feel more like a “meal” than you run-of-the-mill juice.

They’re also all organic (unlike most juices), vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free (all three are variations on tomato soup). Ingredients are all clean, meaning there are no chemicals or weird additives that you’ll have a hard time deciphering. My favorite one, for example, is made with nothing aside from yellow tomato, carrot juice, yellow pepper, cucumber water, olive oil, white whine vinegar, shallot or red onion, Himalayan pink salt, and garlic. They’re also high in fiber (juices have no fiber), low to no sugar (most juices, unless they are all green, are high in sugar), and pretty low in calories (about 100 to 150). The one downside is that they’re high in sodium…almost 30% of your daily limit!! I wish they had less sodium because I’d love to have more than one, but with that much salt I have to limit myself to no more than one a day. Nothing bloats me quite the way salt does, which is the last thing I want to feel when it’s warm out.


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