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Organic Essence: Beauty Products that Meet Organic Food Standards


That’s right! Organic Essence’s products all meet organic food standards so if you get the munchies you could literally eat all their products, but you know…I hope it doesn’t come to that for any of us! I actually don’t use as many “clean,” chemical-free beauty products as I probably should because more often than not I find myself breaking out from them. I will do anything to prevent a breakout. Time and time again, however, we’re being told that what we put in our body is as important as what we put on it so body products (as opposed to facial ones) are an easy, no-risk way for me to go the natural route.

I also hate lathering on artificially-scented products (incidentally, fragrances are the #1 skin irritant). Organic Essence makes a few naturally-scented products; scent-wise, though, none of them appealed to me (vanilla orange, lemongrass mint…). What did appeal to me was their Pure Organic Shea Butter. It’s super hydrating and doesn’t have much of a smell. Basically it does exactly what I want: leaves my arms feeling like a baby’s bottom without any signs of irritation or stickiness. I also love the eco-friendly packaging as it relieves some of the guilt I have over using disposable water bottles more often than I should. Just note that while this jar looks BIG, it’s really not. It’s only 4 fl. oz. That said, I paid over $2 for an organic apple earlier today, which helps put the cost in perspective a bit…


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