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Hungryroot: The Healthy Answer to Your Carb Addiction


They say perception is reality and if you can convince yourself of that you might just be able to swap your pasta craving with a veggie one thanks to Hungryroot. The recently-launched brand offers up a variety of farm fresh, 7-minute meals designed by Bravo Top Chef Masters’ Franklin Becker (read: they’re pretty high-brow as far as pre-packaged meals go). The kicker is that the all-natural dishes all have spiralized vegetables as their base – think zucchini or beet or carrot or turnip noodles. All you have to do is sauté the faux pasta with a bit of olive oil and the pre-cooked ingredients that come with each package (think sweet potato noodles with creamy cashew alfredo or rutabaga noodles with roasted mushroom pistou). The downside is that a bowl of vegetables is a lot less filling than a bowl of pasta so you might have to throw a piece of lean protein into the mix, but hey, that will all be well worth it tomorrow when you can cut your treadmill time in half…


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