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Ling Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask

I went on my first beach vacation of the season this weekend, which meant I applied heaps of sunscreen on my face every two hours as prescribed. By the end of each day, my pores were so clogged they felt as if they were filled with concrete.

But of course, I was prepared. After the second (and last) day of the trip, I used the Ling Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask to completely unclog those pores and restore my skin’s natural balance. The detoxifying effects are pretty good too for all the drinking that happens on vacation. Though the pretty intense, pink clay mask goes on feeling soothing, after a couple of minutes it starts to work and heats up. Luckily, you only leave it on for eight minutes, after which you rinse off with tepid water. Don’t try to brave it with hot water; it will burn uncomfortably.

Immediately afterwards, my skin felt like a fresh, dew-dropped spring morning – so clean and smooth. That thick, tactile layer on the surface was completely gone, my pores were miraculously less conspicuous, and a nice flush filled my cheeks. I actually put on oil, which normally feels too gunky and heavy after a hot, sweaty summer day, but I was so refreshed that I felt like my skin could use it.

I am loving this mask so much. It will accompany me on the many summer trips I have planned. This is a great, bi-weekly ritual to keep your pores clear while you continue to pile on that SPF 50 all season long. I also have the travel pack ($98) that includes this and many other beloved Ling products. The set will be as helpful for short trips as it is for long haul flights, with moisturizing aids like the Replenishing Hydrator. It’s not only the perfect intro to this amazing line, but it will keep you well-stocked for travel! Available on Ling for $38.

Ling Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask



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