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Foods that will Help Your Skin Glow


Like most things in life, we have to consider skin holistically. There isn’t one magic food that will give you glowing skin. Stress, hormones, sleep, the products you’re using, your diet — these are all factors contributing to your skin’s current state and appearance. However, diet is a key component (read this, which discusses the importance of avoiding dairy if you’re suffering from acne). If you’re consistently consuming fatty, sugary and processed foods, your skin will, in all likelihood, be inflamed and uneven in texture. To find out what we should be looking to add to our diet to help get glowing skin, I spoke with Amanda Foti, Registered Dietitian at Selvera. Here are some of the most powerful foods she suggests.

Skin needs to stay hydrated in order to glow, so raise a glass pronto.

The antioxidants help rid your body of impurities.

They’re full of healthy fats and vitamin E.

The high water content, plus lycopene, helps protect skin cells from free radical damage.

It’s high in vitamin C, which helps rebuild collagen and gives your skin a youthful appearance, as well as beta-carotene, lycopene, and vitamins B and K, components known to help reduce dark circles, eliminate redness, and even skin tone.

Not only are they loaded with healthy fats, but they also contain vitamin E, which protects your skin from oxidative damage, and vitamin C, which helps rebuild collagen. Even better, pair avocados with carotenoid-rich veggies, like carrots, to absorb this vitamin A or retinoid precursor. This has been shown to smooth roughness.

Fish (especially tuna, shrimp, and salmon)
These fish are high in selenium, meaning they will protect your cells against oxidative damage and recycles vitamin C for even more protection. Additionally, salmon is packed with healthy fats to help your skin glow.



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  1. Nuts won’t make my skin glow, they’ll make it break out. Have to watch out for the oil content in a nut. They block my pores.