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Moschino Toys Embellished Heavy Wool Knit Dress: I Can’t Bear It

Moschino Toys Embellished Heavy Wool Knit Dress

I often get ridiculed by my husband for the fashion trends I adore. I find myself defending the principles of fashion, like they’re First Amendment rights. But here, thanks to a single frivolous piece of clothing, my entire case crumbles, as I can no longer support anything I say in the defense of all things impractical. This dress is ridiculous on every level and equally offensive as a consumer for the outrageous price tag that comes with it.

Thanks to ring-leader Jeremy Scott, we’ve come to count on Moschino to produce a carnival of all things absurd, commercialism-inspired, and purposefully wacky, but lines can always be crossed. This not only crosses the line; it completely covers it with plush teddy bears so you can’t even see the line anymore. These bears may be wearing t-shirts that read, “This is not a Moschino toy,” but they’re not fooling anyone. How do you even wear this LBD-gone-practical joke with a straight face? And if you do it just for Instagram likes, you really need to check yourself. Moschino Toys dress on Luisa via Roma for $2,295.



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  1. This is the most tacky thing I’ve ever seen! Even for Moschino it’s atrocious! I can’t believe anyone would buy it, let alone wear it