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Top 5 Handiest Cardholders: Change Your Wallet, Change Your Life

Sometimes you’ve just got to simplify your life, and it all starts with the wallet. Take a close look at what you have in your giant continental wallet, and you will find useless receipts, business cards from people you can’t even remember meeting, club cards for random stores, and way too many coins.

This is all you need: a driver’s license, a health insurance card, one or two credit cards, an ATM card, and some cash (but who really uses cash anymore?). This streamlining change will dictate the bag you’re able to carry, so you can go ahead and take that cute little bag you never thought could be functional…and with that bag, the flirty dress that always looked off with your cumbersome tote. Now that you don’t have such a heavy load to tote, those sky-high stilettos don’t seem quite so daunting anymore! Call it the domino effect. I’m telling you: you make this one change, and it will change everything else.


1. Prada Saffiano Zippered Card Case: The addition of a little zippered compartment makes the difference between carrying an extra change purse and not. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $215-$150.


2. Salvatore Ferragamo Pebbled Leather Money Clip Card Case: Get in touch with your cash-conscious, masculine side with this money-clipped card case. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $260.


3. Fendi Monster Card Case: If you’ve been wary to hop on Fendi’s Monster train after all this time, here’s your chance to get in on the action without making a crazy commitment. At Barneys New York for $250.


4. Saint Laurent Zip Pouch: I love the practicality of this wallet-card case hybrid, with plenty of slots and a good amount of room for anything you want to toss inside. At Barneys New York for $295.


5. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Top Zip Card Case: Classic, timeless, and thoroughly practical: this is the case to win out in the long term. At Barneys New York for $350.



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