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Top 5 Overly Adorable Bags: Getting Too Cutesy


We love the Anya Hindmarch and Moschino bags with fun characters, and we really love the Fendi monsters, but the line has been crossed. You can only take this cute-bag stuff so far. Pushing the envelope ever so much fills you with feelings of whimsical joy. But watch out: simply disregarding the line and how far you take it will result in some serious eye-rolling. These five bags threaten to roll my eyes right of their sockets:

1. Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Box Embroidered Grosgrain Bag: I can’t tell if I’m pissed because they didn’t pick my kid’s drawing for this or because Domenico and Stefano aren’t exactly all about babies. Looks like this pair have a fair-weather affinity for children. On Luisa via Roma for $2,995.

2. Olympia Le-Tan Dalmatians Embroidered Felt Drum Bag: I love this Disney movie, and who doesn’t love dalmatians? But I wouldn’t want my kids’ faces on my bag, so why would I want this? On Farfetch for $936.

3. MSGM Star & Heart Patchwork Backpack: It takes a lot for a bag to be both cutesy and crass, but this explosion is just that: a lot. Too much color, fringe, and patchwork accents add up to three wrongs that don’t make a right. On Luisa via Roma for $880.

4. MCM The Robot Perspex Shoulder Bag: Dancing the Robot is a questionable choice, and – no surprise – so is carrying one. This bag would look best on a shelf in a sci-fi nerd’s house. On Luisa via Roma for $1,295.

5. Moschino Plush Teddy Bear Backpack: I seriously just bought a kangaroo version of this bag in Australia for my niece. Let’s just pause to let this really sink in. It’s made for an adult and costs $1,750. On Luisa via Roma for $1,750.



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