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Medical Beauty Research BioChange: Open, Treat, Close

Medical Beauty Research

I recently discovered the Medical Beauty Research line of products. Though the name doesn’t sound sexy and their marketing campaign is non-existent, their products really work. The German brand was founded by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, which isn’t new, but their approach and ingredients are.

The rules for caring for your skin are open, treat, and close. You open up your pores by removing dead skin cells and clean the pores in preparation for treatment. Once open, stimulating serums target specific concerns, then you seal up all the goodness with creams designed to make the process more effective and your skin more resilient.

I started with two products in the “open” stage of care – the Facial Booster toner and the Beta-Enzyme. The Facial Booster is designed to open up the skin for everything that’s to come. You use this after cleaning. If you don’t prepare your skin, everything you apply after is basically useless. So this first step is important. You must always use a toner! This booster replenishes the lipid barrier, and allows the skin to absorb and maintain moisture. Over time, it helps skin’s elasticity and texture.

But the best thing is the Beta-Enzyme. I hesitated buying this at first because it requires dedication, and I am usually pretty lazy by bedtime. You use this two times a week and keep it on for 15 minutes each time. Seems like such a process. After the first week’s use, though, I was hooked and now I’m motivated to apply it, even when I’m tired by day’s end.

The ingredients include mild hydroxy acids and papain enzymes to remove excess sebum (oil) and stimulate the skin’s metabolism. The entire process transformed my skin. I can talk about this and how the ingredients work, but really, you probably just want to know my results.

I’ve been experiencing terrible blemishes, acne, and rough skin from a hormonal imbalance. I’ve done the inside-out approach with holistic treatments (including adding dandelion greens to my diet), but the actual skin still needed attention. I’ve tried various treatments and facials, and while they helped, it wasn’t until using this line of products that I finally got my skin back in control; and not only that – it has improved beyond recognition.

The Beta-Enzyme completely smoothed out my skin, cleared it from deep down, and after one month’s use, I can see that the newly regenerated skin is completely different. My chin used to be a bumpy mess; you couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. Now, it’s as smooth as silk. Instead of using illuminating powders to achieve a glow, I wake up wondering if someone secretly applied makeup on me because my face just naturally radiates. No filter!

I’m so excited about this line that I’m going back for more. It is expensive, and that’s why I started with only two products. Now that I know it works, though, this is an easy investment to make. My friend who introduced me to the line no longer needs Botox. I guess I’ll have to see if it works as well for me! Medical Beauty Research BioChange Facial Booster ($114) and Beta-Enzyme (30 ml for $72, 50 ml for $98, or 100 ml for $173) on Medical Beauty Research.

Medical Beauty Research



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  1. Are you guys ever going to do a story on Hush & Dotti? They have the best skincare ever. Amazing stuff. Would love to see it on here. Especially for acne.

  2. Thank you for highlighting this product. I discovered this while living in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a very effective product line, although as you mention quite expensive. The Beta Enzyme that you featured is amazing as is their brightening product. Since it is an investment, the best thing to do would be to get a consultation from a salon which has used these products to determine which ones would work best for you.
    If you have the luxury of visiting Frankfurt, the Albrecht Parfumerie/Kosmetikstudio ( on the Goethe Strasse not only carries the line but also offers facials with the products. You need to plan your appointment around a few weeks in advance, since only a few estheticians are trained to do the MBR facials. My esthetician mentioned that she also worked with the physician while he was developing the product line, so she knows the product. Getting the facial (app. 150 -200 Euros) is an excellent way to experience the product range and get individual recommendations.