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Simply Gum: The First and Only Totally Natural Gum


I try not to chew gum too often. When you chew it, you’re taking in air, which causes bloating. I also find that it often makes me hungrier. Chewing sugarless gum, however, can help prevent tooth decay because while you chew, saliva is swishing through your teeth, washing away food and bacteria stuck in and around your teeth. Sounds worth it. right? Well, yes, until you read the nutrition label of a pack of gum! It’s nuts all the chemicals you’ll find! Among the chemicals regularly included are some of the same components used to manufacture rubber tires, plastic bottles, and glue…so gross! Worse yet, there might be more chemicals than you even know because companies aren’t required to list all ingredients on their labels. In the US, the FDA allows up to 80 synthetic ingredients to be included in gum, which is where Simply Gum comes in. Each piece is made with no more than six all-natural ingredients – that’s it.

None of their products have artificial flavoring, preservatives, or aspartame; instead, each piece is made of chicle (which comes from the sap of a tropical fruit tree), organic dried cane juice, organic vegetable glycerin, organic rice flour, organic sunflower lecithin, and all-natural flavor. Moreover, all the gum wrappings and paper are biodegradable. Time to get that saliva flowing without the stress of chewing on chemicals!


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