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Warren-Tricomi Brow Pro, Piret Aavap, Solves All Our Common Brow Issues


Brows are tough as evidenced by the fact that I live in NYC where there’s a brow salon every few blocks and yet, more often than not, mine will end up a disaster – even at top salons like Oscar Blandi (who I have to thank for turning my brows orange and being seemingly indifferent when I pointed this out to them). The one place I can consistently count on – no matter who is currently at the salon – is Warren-Tricomi, which is why I turned to one of their brow specialists, Piret Aavap, and asked him for his tips on solving common brow issues.

Brows are sparse
Fill in brows with a Kevyn Aucoin pencil. Brown is pretty much neutral and works for everyone.

Brows are hard to groom
If the brows are really bushy, you can groom them with eyebrow gel. Beauty by Piret is great; it’s just a clear eyebrow gel.

Brows are growing out gray
You can temporarily cover this with tinted eyebrow gel. Dioricon has a great one.

Brows are not fully grown out yet
If you have brows that are growing out but they might not be ready to come out yet, you can cover them with concealer until you see a brow person.

 Who do you rely on to keep your brows looking good?


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