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Gemstone-Infused Body Products

Gemstone-Infused Body Products

Most of us know people who tote around crystals and gemstones, whether in their pockets or as part of jewelry. These baubles have long been used for their supposed wellness/healing properties and so they are carried for good luck and wellness. Now a trend is emerging via brands like Aquarian Soul, a gemstone-infused beauty and bath products company, whereby these gems are applied directly to our bodies. Basically they’re next-level caviar, gold, etc. infused products. Aquarian Soul makes particularly fantastic body oils (pictured above, $28) that I discovered on Rodale’s, a site that stocks a ton of wellness products. The idea is that you’re heightening the effects of these gemstones by incorporating them directly into your beauty routine. This particular brand’s oils are handmade in small batches in California using organic ingredients, natural essential oils, and natural gemstones; they smell and feel amazing!! Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like oils, they won’t leave you feeling like you need a shower and the scents are instantly calming.

A few different gemstones are available, each of which has its own benefits when it comes to balancing your emotional state. For example, moonstone and amazonite are said to be relaxing and sleep-inducing and can help relieve anxiety. Now as much as I love gimmicks (and beautiful packaging), I’m the first person to be skeptical about such produces; but I’m also very aware that many of the most obnoxious skincare woes I personally deal with (think breakouts) are often caused by my emotional state so if there’s a chance a few gemstones could positively affect those, then why not try them out? I also find that if you take the time to use a pampering product like one of Aquarian Soul’s body oils, it means you’re treating yourself to a few moments of calm and relaxation which can go a long way when your mind is racing most of the day.


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