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The London Fashion Week Look You Have to See

The London Fashion Week Look You Have to See

It’s hard to believe that there’s a real model under all this makeup, but there is! Gareth Pugh is no stranger to envelope-pushing beauty, but this is particularly stunning. Though there’s little to inspire a real street look (do love that hair, though…), this is awe-inspiring in terms of originality and execution. The “disco delirium” style was conceived by Val Garland, who covered the models’ entire faces with nylon masks/stockings, painted around the eyes in blue and black, and finished the look with bright red lips courtesy of MAC Acrylic Paint in Basic Red. While the elaborate lip shape isn’t one anyone outside of the circus will want to pull off – I hope – it does tie into a trend we saw widespread in London, and that’s a bold red lip, whether crimson like it is here or oxblood like at Burberry. The key to making it wearable is to opt for a bold shade with a matte finish and for a lipstick with moisture so that your lips don’t dehydrate under all the makeup (Tom Ford has amazing options that also happen to “taste” great). You’ll also want to exfoliate with a great lip scrub like Sara Happ’sicon prior to applying any color.

Image: WWD


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