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The Next Big Thing in Ethical Body Care: Plant Brooklyn


Plant Brooklyn is not only a brand that makes all of their products meticulously in small batches using organic, food-grade ingredients, but they also have a serious social mission. Everything it produces is made in New York by adults with physical, medical, mental, and psychiatric handicaps at nonprofit workshops, giving people who would otherwise have a very difficult time finding employment a chance to earn a fair living (side note: the brand also makes artisanal food products with the same social mission). Their organic body washes are awesome. They smell and feel great, and I love the minimalist packaging and names that tie into their scents. The washes also have a light lather, showing that the formula isn’t stripping your skin of its healthy oils. At $20 these aren’t cheap, but the formulation is fairly concentrated so you don’t need much; plus, the bottle opening is small, ensuring that you don’t waste unnecessarily like you would with many other brands’ bottles.


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