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A Unique Runway Ponytail You Could Rock From Day to Night (and to the Gym!)

A Unique Runway Ponytail You Could Rock From-Day-to-Night (and to the Gym!)

It’s not often that we see a truly unique look on a runway these days (putting aside clownish, over-the-top beauty and hair styles that no one would wear in real life). Public School managed to show one that was fresh, easy to re-create and versatile enough to wear day to night – including to the gym. The twisted, slicked-back rope ponytail was inspired by old-school Sade from “Smooth Operator.” It’s a severe look, but one softened by the movement that naturally comes with a long ponytail.

It was imperative for designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne that the hair looked like something women could do on their own so here’s the simple how-to. Mist hair with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep for grip and blow hair back with a round brush before securing the length at the center of the head with an elastic. Using a small section from the tail, wrap it around base of the pony to hide the band, then divide the tail in half and twist each side clockwise before winding them together in the opposite direction. Tie the end with another elastic and tame frizz with Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Style Creme. With that, you’re ready to whip your hair back and forth in a SoulCycle class…

Image: WWD


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