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Valentino Small Shoulder Bag: Wild About You

Valentino Small Shoulder Bag

While I may not be adventurous enough for a crazy, fun hairstyle these days (the ’80s were a whole different story!), I can definitely project that side of myself with the right bag. Like this twist on the fur-covered front flap by Valentino.

That tuft of hair hanging down is about all the controversy I can muster up the energy to manage, and even so, it’s making me feel like an instant badass. On a bigger bag, this asymmetric mohawk of a white mane, contrasted against caramel antelope fur, would cross the line into the category of bad taste. But contained on a cute mini crossbody, it is untamed perfection. It doesn’t hurt that the shoulder strap comes off, turning this into the best little clutch for a party. Valentino bag at Barneys New Yorkicon for $1,795.

Wear with: It’s also rare for me to whip out the stilettos, but if I’m going to do it, I’m going all-out with Tom Ford. These strappy sandals put your ankles under lock and key. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $990.

Valentino Small Shoulder Bag



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